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Disco Ball Hanger- 6 inches

Disco Ball Hanger- 6 inches

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Brighten up your space with a macrame disco ball hanger! Hang in the corner of your room, on a curtain rod, or near a window, and watch your room be covered in beautiful iridescent sparkles that will instantly make you smile. 

Each hanger comes with a 6" disco ball so your hanger is ready to shine!

The disco ball hanger is approximately 30 inches long from the wood ring to the end of the tassel. 

Please read the following before purchasing:

Disco ball info: Disco balls are made of styrofoam and should therefore be handled with care. Please note that there will be small gaps between mirror tiles that expose parts of the styrofoam underneath. If mirror tiles are loose or start to come off, reapply them with a few drops of glue.

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